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Water Rate Increase

Due to increased cost to the district, on October 13, 2016, RWD #2 Board approved a water rate increase. This increase will be reflected on the January 2017 bill.

 The District understands that our economy is in a difficult time and the cost of everything is increasing.  Please be sure to repair any leaks that you may have, to help keep your water cost down. 

Listed below, you will find our new rates beginning on January 2017 billing. 


Standard Residential Service Rates


Monthly Minimum:                                         $20

Water included w/Minimum Bill:               0/gallons


Tier (gal.):                                                           $/1,000 gal.:

1,001-5,000                                                         $5.60

6,000-10,000                                                       $5.70

11,000-15,000                                                    $5.80

16,000-50,000+                                                  $5.90


Our community’s water meters are read on the 26th each month, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday then it is read the following business day. Please contact our office for any additional information.


Average Billing Examples


2,000     $31.19

5,000     $47.99

10,000   $76.49

21,000   $140.39